Wednesday, January 28, 2015

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I told myself I wouldn't be the kind of "blogger" that really only wrote every 6 months or on important dates.  But here I am 6 months since writing my last entry.  However, I just couldn't let this day pass without sending up a big Happy Birthday to our Eva.

Today, you would have been 6 years old, finishing up the last quarter of your kindergarten experience.  You'd see Vandro and how he loves to build with Legos, his love of Batman and how he teases Camila.  You would see your beautiful little sister and how much you and her look alike.  She is just like you, she is such a girl, loves pink and purple and is one tough cookie!

You would be so proud of your Papa and how much he's learning and how hard he's working and how much he loves what he's doing!
You'd be excited about having a new baby cousin Arialise and how happy grandma and grandpa are! How grown all your cousins in Tucson are and you how baby James and baby Devan are NOT babies anymore.

Today my sweet girl, we will celebrate you, the day you came into our lives, the day that everything changed, not because of a diagnosis but because you made us parents, you made me a mother, you taught me how to love in a way I had never experienced. Today I will also celebrate motherhood and all it has to offer, the good, the great and the tiring parts!  Today I get to remember that day I heard your first cry, when I first kissed your face and realized you are mine for time and all eternity!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU BEAUTIFUL GIRL!! "I'll Love you ForEva, I'll Like you for Always and as long as I'm living my baby you'll be"

January 28, 2009
Our First Meeting!

June 2012

Eva and David Keller June 2012

One of Eva's most favorite people, Susan Keller. June 2012

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David C Keller said...

We're so glad to have had Eva and the rest of the Peña family in our lives.